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Top 8 Casino Cities in the World Can Make Your Rich

Casino Cities

If you are an avid gambler and want to spend your evenings in a more glamorous way, there are some places that you can visit. These top 8 casino cities in the world can make your rich by providing you with a variety of enthralling gambling experiences.

Macau is fast becoming one of Asia’s most coveted sin destinations for those looking to pump up their adrenaline with an evening or two at the roulette table.

1. Las Vegas

Gambling is a thrilling pastime favored by millions, if not billions of people around the world. And, while the thrill of betting on games of chance is available online, there’s nothing quite like visiting a casino and trying your luck with real money.

The most renowned gambling city in the world is Las Vegas. Its main street, known as The Strip, houses dozens of casinos. The area changes between day and night and is always bustling. Moreover, it’s a hotspot for celebrities and international tourists.

2. Macau

Macau is the gambling capital of Asia and it earns more money from gaming than Vegas. This little Chinese special administrative region is a neon-clad jungle of luxury hotels and gargantuan casinos.

Its residents live in an economy that works on risk and confidence and conceals an erosion of economic controls. Stories abound of businessmen disappearing with millions, neighbors running illegal inns for gamblers and pawn shops that circumvent currency controls.

Each year this small territory a one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong creates the equivalent of one new Las Vegas in gross gambling revenue. This makes it a magnet for investors from China and across East Asia.

3. Singapore

Singapore is a remarkably wealthy country, as evidenced by its top-ranked sovereign wealth fund and its impressive per capita income. However, the question remains whether the ultra-wealthy who flock to this thriving trading economy are spending their money in ways that benefit average citizens.

The biggest casino in the trading 娛樂城 is Marina Bay Sands, which combines an enormous hotel and mall with state-of-the-art gambling action. Its impressive structure cost an estimated eight billion dollars. This casino is a feast for the senses and offers something for everyone, even those who are not gamblers.

4. Monte Carlo

Despite its tiny size, Monaco has a reputation as one of Europe’s top casino destinations. It attracts the world’s wealthiest to its tax haven status and offers a glamorous, James Bond-esque experience.

Visitors can sip champagne from a terrace while admiring the residents of this tiny principality who stroll past in their Bentleys, Ferraris and Rolls Royces. Then they can hit up the casinos, whose casino gaming generates half of the city’s revenue. Even if you’re not into gambling, Monte Carlo is worth visiting for the experience alone.

5. Paris

You might associate Paris with romance and Eiffel Tower when you think of it, but this cosmopolitan city is also known as one of the top casino destinations in Europe. Known for its luxurious poker rooms, this city draws high rollers from around the world.

The famous Cercle Haussman has 25 tables for blackjack, Punto Banco, baccarat and various games of poker. And while it may not be the biggest casino, this place is a true player’s paradise.

6. Delhi

Gambling is a fun pastime that many people enjoy. Moreover, it is also a great way to earn money.

New Delhi is a popular destination for Indian travellers who are looking to try their luck in a casino. However, gambling in Delhi is illegal. Therefore, travellers should play at a foreign online casino site.

The top two states for gaming traction in India are Telangana and Karnataka. These are young, technology-savvy cities that have a lot of disposable income.

7. Bali

Gambling cities around the world are famous for their enchanting nightlife. Besides, these places offer top luxuries that make them an alluring destination for anyone who loves spending money.

However, one place you should not visit if you want to get rich is Bali. There are no casinos in the island of Bali, and betting is prohibited. This makes it hard to run a successful business in the gambling industry. Moreover, currency fluctuations are another challenge. Lastly, labor costs are a significant factor to consider for investors.

8. Bangkok

The streets of Thailand are a wonder to explore by day. Their branching alleys are numbered like houses. For example, Soi Cowboy is a red-light party soi and Soi 38 is a street food soi.

The cosmopolitan city of Bangkok or Krung Thep is known for its huge shopping districts, stunning religious and cultural landmarks, and mouthwatering Thai cuisine. It is also famous for its casinos and nightlife. In fact, the largest casino in the world is in this city.

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